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Jacqueline Lu (she/her)

Data Lead, Mozilla

Jacqueline helps organizations build new nervous systems that use tech and data. At Helpful Places, she’s building a coalition to implement and improve DTPR, an open-source “system-to-people” communication standard for digital technology that enables agency for people in the real world, by advancing greater transparency and civic dialogue on the use of digital technologies (https://dtpr.helpfulplaces.com).

Jacqueline is also Data Lead at Mozilla Foundation, where she is leading the development and implementation of their data strategy, in order to glean insights and measure progress on Mozilla’s theory of change for trustworthy AI. Previously, she was Director of Digital Integration at Sidewalk Labs where she led incorporating innovation objectives, technology policy and data ethics into the company’s approach to urban development projects.

As the inaugural Director of Data Analytics at the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, she developed the agency’s data strategy, developed the open data program and founded its first data science team. A firm believer in the potential of open data to create new pathways for civic engagement and government innovation, Jacqueline built collaborations between agency staff and civic technologists that enabled the public and community members to develop insights from Parks’ open data sets. Jacqueline also spearheaded the largest participatory street tree mapping project in U.S. history, culminating in a new digital platform for the collaborative management of NYC’s urban forest.


Parks & Rec and DATA! Five years into a data strategy, what have we learned?

November 9, 2020  8:45 PM – 9:25 PM
Join us for a nuts-and-bolts discussion on building a data-driven culture in one of the largest public parks systems in the country. See more.
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