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Nilufer Erdebil (she/her)

CEO and Design Thinking & Innovation Consultant, Spring2 Innovation

Author, Future Proofing By Design

Nilufer Erdebil is an award-winning design thinking and innovation expert, and TEDx and TEC/Vistage speaker. She is also the author of ‘Future Proofing by Design: Creating Better Services and Team Through Design Thinking”. For over twenty-five years Nilufer has been a catalyst for innovation. She has worked extensively with public and private sector organizations to drive strategy, facilitate change and introduce new products and services. Her experience working within different fields including telecommunications, application development, program management and IT management give her a deep understanding of the business challenges today’s organizations are faced with.


FWD50 Extras: Impacts and implications of Digital-Physical Transformation for the public sector

March 16, 2023  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
This session delves into digitally connected physical things and some of their applications' tangible benefits and risks, including enhanced government services and operations opportunities. See more.
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