Disruption without Destruction: Changing data culture from the top down and bottom up

Published On Jul 1, 2020

“To try something different, try something new, actually takes monumental effort.”


Learn about the experience of the then National Energy Board, now Canada Energy Regulator who in less than four years went from receiving a criticism on the state of its data, to being recognized among the leaders in government of Open Data and Data Visualization. And from here, set to lead on the implementation of a number of technologies to its data including: natural language recognition to classify years of indigenous oral testimony; digitizing and crowd sourcing classification of environmental assessment in preparation to using AI in this field; and redesigning its internal document depository to transform it into usable and useful data from the first entry. All of these in partnership with Canada’s leading academics, Code for Canada, and other experts.

In contrast of talking about the achievements, the focus is on the process. What were the sticking points? What made this particular transformation unique and poised for success? Why did certain attempts failed to gain support from the analysts and why did others succeed? And what will it take to ensure the sustainability of this new Modus Operandi (MO)?

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