The Killer App in Digital Transformation is Human Connection

Published On Aug 31, 2020

“We can’t just look to technology or even pure processes, to drive transformation.”


Becoming a digital government is no longer an option. This is why governments are throwing trillions of dollars at new technologies, in order to build and deliver new digital-native experiences for our ministries, agencies, and constituencies. Accordingly, we’ve seen the massive rise of cloud computing, open source technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and many other innovations. However, well over half of all new software and IT projects still fail. And many governments are falling increasingly behind the private sector as the increasing cybersecurity risks. One reason is the over pivot on technology, which alone does not achieve digital transformation. Technology alone does not address the fundamental issues that block or drive transformational success nor the most critical dependency. Because that is people. Tech veteran Margaret Dawson discusses her theory on the human factors critical to digital transformation success.

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