FWD50 2020: Civic Tech

Published On Oct 8, 2020

FWD50 is a global digital government gathering held annually in Ottawa, Canada. Each year, technologists, executives, and industry come together for a week of content and discussion, focused on steering progress and innovation towards our better selves.

We’re covering a myriad of topics in 2020, and featuring some key speakers for each topic.

This year, one of our focuses will be around Civic Tech.

In between the public and the private sector lies the world of Civic Tech. Whether it’s a citizen scientist publishing data, a geek working evenings on a passion project, or a formal organization that brings technology to bear on society’s toughest problems, Civic Tech is a rising movement around the world.

We’re devoting a whole day to Civic Tech, in partnership with Code for Canada and the Code For movement around the world.


Relevant speakers

What do you do after heading up operations for the California Department of Justice? If you’re Amanda Renteria, you lead the civic tech movement as CEO of Code for America, pushing the envelope of innovation while working alongside federal, state, and local public servants to solve some of society’s hardest problems with technology.

Getting tech right is hard. Move slowly and you’ll miss opportunity; go too fast and you marginalize those who need it most. Kathy Pham has been a product manager in both public and private sector, earning a unique perspective on responsible tech. Today, she’s a Harvard fellow and co-leads the Responsible Computer Science Challenge at Mozilla.

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