How Governments can Design & Implement a Sustainable Future

A conversation with IBM’s Lucy Baunay.

Published On Aug 19, 2021


From the first time we used a lever to lift something our arms couldn’t, or drew on a cave wall to share hunting tips, technology had us hooked. In a few thousand years, our use of physical tools has gone cognitive, changing how we think and work, and even who we are as a species.

Technology, as Kevin Kelly points out, wants things. It wants advancement. It wants more, faster. And as its creator, we’re caught up in that race. But is it sustainable?

Lucy Baunay works on design, sustainability, and innovation with IBM. In this Industry Innovations conversation, we talked about striking the balance between progress and patience. Sustainability, as Lucy points out, is more than energy consumption or carbon footprint—it’s culture, business model, and everything that helps an organization last as long as possible.

We touch on Jevons’ Paradox, the Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894, and the new challenges leaders face in both public and private sectors when trying to reinvent organizations for sustainability. We look at how tech has made it easier to share resources, from cloud computing to car shares, and the balance of innovation and austerity that will help us keep moving tech forward sustainably.

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