November 2, 2022  5:15 PM – 5:45 PM
Inspiring & Interacting

AMA: Open Systems, climate crisis, and averting the Tragedy of the Commons

Collective problems require collective action. Climate change is the most existential of problems, and it needs the most fundamental of solutions: Openness. Modern computing runs on the Open Source movement, from the virtual machines that power cloud computing, to the operating systems at the heart of servers, to the algorithms that crunch data and the protocols that distribute it. And the open data movement—OpenStreetMaps, OpenCorporates, Wikipedia, Commoncrawl, and their ilk—level the information playing field.

OpenEarth is building open source technology for the planet. The R&D nonprofit wants to combine emerging tech and collaboration at scale to heal our ecosystem, and make our world more resilient. It's an ambitious undertaking, one that open source advocate and startup veteran Evan Prodromouo is uniquely suited for. His background in engineering at startups, alongside work with Wikimedia and the W3C, informs Evan's current role as Director of Open Technology at OpenEarth. Join Evan for an interactive conversation about the challenges and promise of open approaches to energy, sustainability, and innovation.

Director of Open Technology
Open Earth Foundation
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