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Evan Prodromou (he/him)

Director of Open Technology, Open Earth Foundation

Evan is a start-up founder and Open Source entrepreneur. Originally from San Francisco, where he worked for Microsoft and RSA, he moved to Montreal to start his first companies: Wikitravel, an open source travel guide; StatusNet, an open source social network; Breather, a network of rooms to rent by the hour; and Fuzzy.ai, easy-to-use intelligence as a service. After a stint at Wikipedia running their API and data feeds, he’s now director at an Open Source non-profit building software to address the climate emergency.


Inspiring & Interacting

AMA: Open Systems, climate crisis, and averting the Tragedy of the Commons

Collective problems require collective action. Climate change is the most existential of problems, and it needs the most fundamental of solutions: Openness. Join Evan for an interactive conversation about the challenges and promise of open approaches to energy, sustainability, and innovation. See more.
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