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Evan Prodromou (he/him)

Director of Open Technology, Open Earth Foundation

Evan is a start-up founder and Open Source entrepreneur. Originally from San Francisco, where he worked for Microsoft and RSA, he moved to Montreal to start his first companies: Wikitravel, an open source travel guide; StatusNet, an open source social network; Breather, a network of rooms to rent by the hour; and Fuzzy.ai, easy-to-use intelligence as a service. After a stint at Wikipedia running their API and data feeds, he’s now director at an Open Source non-profit building software to address the climate emergency.


AMA: Open Systems, climate crisis, and averting the Tragedy of the Commons

November 2, 2022  5:15 PM – 5:45 PM
Collective problems require collective action. Climate change is the most existential of problems, and it needs the most fundamental of solutions: Openness. Join Evan for an interactive conversation about the challenges and promise of open approaches to energy, sustainability, and innovation. See more.
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