November 8, 2018  6:35 PM – 7:10 PM
50 years

Digital disruption and the future of work in Canada

The presentation will cover topics including emerging technologies, the sharing economy, and the changing nature of work. It will investigate the sharing economy and the increased presence of « gig » or fractional workers, on the Canadian and global economy.

Looking at the increase in non-traditional work (freelance, fractional, part-time and contract) in Canada and around the world, along with the rise of sharing platforms including Uber and Airbnb, the talk will highlight the impact of this changing nature of work on the Canadian economy, on the labour force, and on industry needs.

At the same time, the talk will also investigate these trends from the perspective of inclusivity and diversity; including investigating whether these platforms offer opportunities for underrepresented groups to engage in the economy, how these services can or should be regulated, and if so, who should regulate.

Lastly, it will examine how transitional technologies like AI and blockchain may act to further impact all sectors of the economy, and generate employment opportunities for all Canadians.

Director, Research & Policy
Information & Communications Technology Council (ICTC)
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