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Dr. Wafa Snaineh (she/her)

President, Gov. Design Academy

Board Member, The International Foundation for Customer Experience in Government

Dr. Wafa Snaineh is supporting several whole-of-government CX transformation programs in the Middle East region and worldwide. As the Chief Editor of GovCX Journal, she is leading cutting-edge research in the field and collaborating with a number of leading government officials to support advancing the CX profession in the public sector including Singapore, Estonia, Denmark, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

In 2006, Dr. Wafa was recognized by The European Centre for Total Quality Management in the UK among the top 10 global CX thought leaders, and in 2009 as the first Arab with the highest academic credentials in the field. She is currently working with academics from University College London to further advance the research on competencies of front-line staff and their role in the CX transformation process.

Dr. Wafa is the lead author of the Dubai Model for Government Services. She played a founding role in the Dubai Model Centre and in developing the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Smart Government. She is the architect of City Makers, the design lab by the Government of Dubai and the first of its kind in the Middle East region. She is currently supporting the Abu Dhabi Government in its ambitious CX transformation agenda. Additionally, Dr. Wafa authored the Service Delivery Standards across the government omni-channels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contributed to the definition of its digital transformation assessment method.

Dr. Wafa is the President of Gov. Design Academy based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and a board member at The International Foundation for Customer Experience in Government. She has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Jordan University, a post graduate degree in Research Methods, a Master’s degree in Performance Management, a post graduate diploma in Research Methods and a PhD in Customer Experience Management from the University of Bradford, UK.


Inspiring & Interacting

Effortless Customer Experience by Design: Abu Dhabi Government Case Study

Introducing the Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience as a pioneering initiative in the holistic implementation of CX practices; with a pertinent focus on the newly emerging concept of effortlessness in service delivery. In a coordinated approach based on 5 strategic pillars, the program aims to transform service delivery across all 67 entities in the Emirate, in a vision to become the world's most effortless government. The session will delineate the origin, implementation, and results of this endeavour so far. See more.
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