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Benjamin Bergen (he/him)

President, Council of Canadian Innovators

Benjamin Bergen is the President of the Council of Canadian Innovators, a national, non-partisan business council for the 21st century economy, led by over 150 CEOs of Canada’s fastest growing homegrown technology scale-ups. CCI is focused on optimizing the growth of Canada’s innovation-based sector, and Benjamin leads the execution of its ambitious economic development agenda.


Getting there from here: Innovation, talent, and delivering on service promises

November 8, 2023  6:45 PM – 7:15 PM
Everyone's excited for what digital can be. But the reality is that many modernization initiatives stall because they lack a clear definition, or are so delayed that they're obsolete before they're released. Big committees, mired in processes and procedure, often fail to accomplish what a small team can. And in the eternal dance between public and private sector, government is often unable to put the latest technologies to work because of legacy systems and monolithic technologies. See more.
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