November 8, 2023  6:45 PM – 7:15 PM GMT+0
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Getting there from here: Innovation, talent, and delivering on service promises

Everyone's excited for what digital can be. But the reality is that many modernization initiatives stall because they lack a clear definition, or are so delayed that they're obsolete before they're released. Big committees, mired in processes and procedure, often fail to accomplish what a small team can. And in the eternal dance between public and private sector, government is often unable to put the latest technologies to work because of legacy systems and monolithic technologies.

Let's face it: Some problems, like government payroll, become so toxic that nobody wants to touch them. But someone must, and it'll take a new approach.

Teresa D'Andrea has devoted her career to transformation across some of the largest elements of the Canadian government, from service delivery to transportation to tech policy; she's now the Chief Transformation Officer for Public Services and Procurement Canada, where she's part of a small team working to fix government payroll once and for all. She's also no stranger to the private sector, having worked at Nortel and Imperial Oil. Benjamin Bergen is the executive director of the Canadian Council of Innovators, a business council comprised of CEOs from some of Canada's fastest-growing companies.

We can't think of a better pair to speak frankly about innovation, fixing hard problems, and striking the right balance between public-sector resiliency and the fast-paced change of high-growth tech companies. Join Teresa and Benjamin for an unscripted, honest discussion about how we get there from here.

Council of Canadian Innovators
Chief Transformation Officer, Associate Deputy Minister’s Office, Enterprise Pay Operations
Public Services & Procurement Canada, Government of Canada
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