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FWD50 Extras is a year-round series of events open to everyone. These events include workshops, meetups, debates, and more, and are a chance to dive deeper into vital public sector topics with world-renowned experts on policy and technology. Watch for free recordings from past FWD50 Extras on our community platform, Access FWD50.

Upcoming Extras

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Past Extras

March 16, 2023


FWD50 Extras: Impacts and implications of Digital-Physical Transformation for the public sector

This session delves into digitally connected physical things and some of their applications' tangible benefits and risks, including enhanced government services and operations opportunities.
CEO and Principal Consultant
CEO and Design Thinking & Innovation Consultant
Spring2 Innovation
Future Proofing By Design

January 26, 2023


FWD50 Extras: The Future of Procurement - From Function to Capability

The only thing we can predict is that what is different now, will become much different in the future! – Get inspired by a set of success stories how a future of procurement could look like and how to setup your organisation more AGILE to be ready to respond and innovate quickly in a world that is changing at an unprecedented speed. See More.
Thought Leader, Lean-Agile Procurement

October 6, 2022


FWD50 Extras: Metaverse 101

One of the biggest digital buzzwords of 2022 is the “Metaverse”, but do you know what it really is? Join us to learn more about how technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been rapidly evolving beyond entertainment and starting to be used in a wide range of professional settings. See More.
CEO & Founder
Think Digital
Facilitator & Trainer
Think Digital

May 19, 2022


FWD50 Extras: The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officer in the Government of Canada

In 2021 the Institute on Governance launched a study in partnership with four Government of Canada departments to examine the role of Departmental Chief Data Officers – a relatively new position within the federal government. See More.
CEO & Founder
Think Digital
Senior Associate for Leadership and Learning
Institute on Governance (IOG)
Chief Data Officer
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
Vice-Dean, Professional Graduate Programs Telfer School of Management
University of Ottawa
Chief Data Officer
Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)
Director General, Service & Data Modernization
Transport Canada
Chief Data Officer
Health Canada

April 28, 2022


FWD50 Extras: Technology Crash Course

If you were to step back and look at human history, the transition from analog to digital happened almost instantaneously. How we learn, communicate, and work happens atop a complex stack of technologies we often take for granted. See More.
Co-founder & Chair

February 17, 2022


FWD50 Extras: Strategic Foresight for More Resilient Public Sector Organizations

It’s easier and more effective to think about emerging technology 10 years in the future than to consider its impact over the coming year. Counterintuitive? Absolutely! This is just one of the topics that we’ll unpack and explore during this interactive online workshop. See More.
1000 Days Out

October 21, 2021


FWD50 Extras: Designing a digital future

Between a pandemic that has changed our world forever, and with the emergence of Web 3.0, our relationship to technology is going through a seismic shift as it becomes ubiquitous to our lives. How is this changing the way we are envisioning our relationship with their governments? Join us as we sit down with the people who are designing this new future to understand where they think we are going and how we are getting there. See More.
Serial Public Sector Transformer
Digital Minister
Chief Technology Officer
Republic of Estonia
Team Lead - International Projects, Communications and Engagement

September 16, 2021


FWD50 Extras: Discovering harmful algorithms

In this workshop, you’ll discover how critical AI incidents take shape from the inside. Learn how vast groups of people (including yourselves) are outliers in some data and can face negative consequences because of algorithmic bias. See More.
Ethical AI Champions

August 8, 2021


FWD50 Extras: De-risking your digital transformation

Join Public Digital Partners, Emma Gawen and James Stewart, for an in depth look at how to de-risk your organization’s digital transformation.
Public Digital
Public Digital

June 17, 2021


FWD50 Extras: Practical applications of speculative design in service delivery

Enter speculative design! This emerging design discipline has helped us move away from reactive thinking and towards a values-based approach to service design.
Code for Canada
Code for Canada
Code for Canada

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