Our speakers

FWD50 features the world’s leading public servants, tech innovators and academics to share their knowledge and chart the course of digital government. Here’s who took the stage at FWD50 2022:

The Honourable Mona Fortier

President, Treasury Board

Mike Bracken

Partner, Public Digital

Marina Nitze

New Practice Lab Fellow, New America

Gulsanna Mamediieva

Director General of the Directorate for European Integration, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

David McRaney

Science Journalist

Catherine Luelo

Chief Information Officer, Canada
Deputy Minister, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

David Lopez Almirol Jr.

Undersecretary for E-Government of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, Philippines

Julie Inman Grant

eSafety Commissioner, Australia

Maria Patterson

Former Fellow, White House Presidential Innovation Fellows
EIR & Director of New Ventures, LG Nova

Sony Perron

President, Shared Services Canada

Amanda Renteria

CEO, Code for America

Dr. Wafa Snaineh

President, Gov. Design Academy

Ryan Hum

CIO & VP Data & Information Management, Canada Energy Regulator

Navdeep Martin

Product Management Leader, Machine Learning Strategist

Luis Felipe Monteiro

Former Digital Government Secretary, Brazil
CEO, Cateno

Irene Solaiman

Policy Director, Hugging Face

Tamara Srzentić

Former Minister of Public Administration, Digital Society and media, Montenegro

Piret Hirv

Manager, Estonian Connected Health Cluster

Katherine Benjamin

Chief Digital Officer, Head of Enterprise Digital Credentials, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Honey Dacanay

Digital Policy and Governance Leader, Governments of Ontario and Canada

Felicity (Flick) March

Global Vice President of Growth: Cyber Resilience, Kyndryl

Katy Lalonde

Director of Product, Ontario Digital Service

Dave McCann

President, IBM Canada

Dorothy Eng

Executive Director, Code for Canada

Siim Sikkut

Former CIO, Government of Estonia
Author, Digital Government Excellence: Lessons from Effective Digital Leaders

Vass Bednar

Executive Director, MPP in Digital Society Program and Adjunct Professor, Political Science, McMaster University

Jessica Trybus

Firestarter, X, The Moonshot Factory

Jacky Tweedie

Digital Transformation Leader

Roy Nader

Manager, Engagement and Digital Culture, Digital Workplace Taskforce, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Michael Awe

Senior Program Lead, Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer, Government Information Technology Ontario, Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery

Pia Andrews

Serial Public Sector Transformer

Erin O’Halloran

Healthcare Lead - Western Canada, AWS

Franco Amalfi

Head of Sustainability Strategy, Global Public Sector, Google Cloud

Jaimie Park

Service Designer, Button Inc.

Emma Gawen

Partner, Public Digital

Ryan Androsoff

CEO & Founder, Think Digital

Aneeta Bains

Managing Partner, Government of Canada, IBM Canada

Gary Patsey

Manager, Office of Indigenous Initiatives, Innovation, Information and Technology, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Nikhil Deshpande

Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia

Winter Fedyk

Associate, Think Digital

Melanie Gilbert

Partner, Public Sector Canada, IBM

Shawn McGuire

Chief Technology Officer for Resiliency, Kyndryl Canada

Vince Robert

Partner, Hybrid Cloud Services, Public Sector Canada, IBM

Ashley Evans

Senior Analyst, Digital Community Management Office, Office of the Information Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Brent Fox

Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Daphnée Nostrome

Head, Digital Talent Strategy, Benefits Delivery Modernization, Service Canada

Jenn Spykerman

Tanzu Executive Advisor, VMware

Dugald Topshee

Director General of the Enterprise Solutions Directorate, Transport Canada

Blair Neufeld

Executive Director, Product, Digital Delivery and Innovation, Service Alberta

Dea De Jarisco

Director, Digital Talent Attraction & Development, Government of British Columbia, Digital Office - The Exchange Lab

Caleb White

Chief Operating Officer, Climate Engine

Maryam Haghighi

Director, Data Science, Bank of Canada

Natasha Clarke

Associate Deputy Minister, Chief Digital Officer, Service Nova Scotia & Internal Services

Tracy-Lynn Reid

Practice Lead, People & Leadership Research & Advisory Services, Info-Tech Research Group

Dr. Sindhu Pandit

Global Clinical Lead, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Salesforce

Gianluca Cairo

Vice President, Operations and Strategy, Public Sector, Ceridian

Jesaiah Mills

National Practice Lead, People Experience, BDO Canada

Elise Nelson Leary

Director of Federal Partnerships and Agency Success, White House Presidential Innovation Fellows

Shahrouz Shahnavaz

Managing Director & Federal Advisory Lead, Accenture Microsoft Business Group (AMBG) Canada

Lisa Carroll

Canadian Public Sector Leader, Microsoft

Chris Kuang

Co-Lead, U.S. Digital Corps

Lewis S. Eisen

Speaker, Consultant, Author

Erika Piirmets

Digital Transformation Adviser, e-Estonia Briefing Centre

Tsering Zongdho

Senior Communications Consultant, Communications, Ontario Digital Services

Monika Schmidt

Senior Vice President, Implementation, Ceridian

Meghan Hellstern

Facilitator & Trainer, Think Digital
Senior Policy Advisor, CDS, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

James Duncan

Co-founder and Principal, Stance Global

Shelby Switzer

Faculty Fellow, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Paul Girard

Executive Director and Chief Information Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Gigi Chang

Senior Analyst, Digital Talent Strategy, Service Canada

Mohammad Qureshi

Corporate Chief Information Officer & Associate Deputy Minister, Government Information Technology Ontario (GovTechON)

Allyna Sagun

Manager, Office of the Corporate Chief Information Officer, Government Information Technology Ontario (GovTechON)

Xiaopu Fung

Director, Product and Service Delivery, Benefit Delivery Modernization, Service Canada

Aaron Jaffery

Director General for Digital Experience and Client Data, Service Canada

Jordan Storozuk

Chief of Staff, Digital Experience and Client Data Workstream, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Kirsten Wyatt

Fellow, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Ronald Garcia

Architecture Lead, Digital Delivery and Innovation, Justice Digital, Government of Alberta

Pierre-Luc Pilon

Manager, Data Management - Service and Data Modernization Directorate, Digital Services and Transformation Office, Transport Canada

Lindsay Chan

Strategy & Policy Lead, Benefit Delivery Modernization, Service Canada

Aaron Snow

Acting Executive Director, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Jane Lu

Research and Policy Analyst, Benefits Delivery Modernization, Service Canada

Luke Simcoe

Communications Strategist

Chrysandre Courchêne

Manager for Strategic Innovation, Canada Border Service Agency’s Chief Data Office

Evan Prodromou

Director of Open Technology, Open Earth Foundation

Leanne Labelle

Executive Director of Platform, Canadian Digital Service

Sidra Mahmood

Open Data Lead, Data Intelligence, Chief Data Office, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Jeff Ball

Director of Open Government and Data Governance, RCMP

Jean Scott

Director, National Capital Region, Microsoft

Neil Gabriel

Digital Services Regional Lead, Kainos

Sanjit Bakshi

UX Lead, Code for Canada

Ioana Contu

Team Lead, GC Forms & GC Articles, Canadian Digital Service

Beth Collins

Director of Data Policy and Legislation, BC Data Service

Jose Jimenez

Technical Marketer, Platform Growth, Canadian Digital Service

Angela Murphy

Deputy Director, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom

Dean Clark

National Director – Cloud, Bell Business Markets

Jumana Bahrainwala

Senior Software Developer, CDS Platform, Canadian Digital Service

Sanjeevan Srikrishnan

Head, Global Solutions Architecture, Equinix Canada

Karen Hay

Global Public Sector Digital Transformation Lead, Health Industry, Go-to-market Strategist, Salesforce

Hillary Hartley

Chief Digital & Data Officer, Government of Ontario
Deputy Minister, Digital Strategy, Government of Ontario

James Scott

Field CTO, Dell Technologies

Līva Zemitis

Senior Engagement Advisor, Ontario Digital Services

Phillipe Caron

Interaction designer, CDS Platform, Canadian Digital Service

Barry Kong

Executive Director, Open Government and Portals, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Amanda Clarke

Associate Professor & Public Affairs Research Excellence Chair, Carleton University’s School of Public Policy & Administration

Ima Okonny

Chief Data Officer, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Jeff Annable

Chief, GIS, Business Intake, and Special Projects, Data Analytics Platforms & Operations, Transport Canada

Jaimie Boyd

Partner & National Digital Government Leader, Deloitte Canada

Charles-Antoine Drouin

Business Intelligence Analyst, Health Canada

Mirko Kleiner

Thought Leader, Lean-Agile Procurement

Jen Schellinck

CEO, Sysabee

Brian Whittaker (Host, RDGS)

Founder, Humans of Public Service

Skaidra Puodziunas (Host, RDGS)

Team Lead, Government Information Technology Ontario (GovTechON)

Rob Butler (Host, Workshop Stage)

Senior Program Advisor / Outreach and Engagement, Employment Services and Development Canada / Service Canada Benefits, Delivery and Modernisation Branch / Transformation

Amanda Bernardo (Host, Industry Innovations)

Manager, Organizational Change Management, Enterprise Transformation, Strategy and Engagement Branch, Shared Services Canada

Alistair Croll

Co-founder & Chair
Host & MC